Here’s a recording that we’ve been meaning to release for a while. This is Paul Griff’s set from the wonderful Amanda’s Day celebration, broadcast on Pressure Radio. This one is stretching the eclectic muscles and takes a dive into the funk/soul/boogie end of the pool. It got rave reviews on Amanda’s Day so we thought we’d release it here for everyone to hear. A proper loved up dry humper that develops into a full on 80’s love fest. Tracklist below;

1. Leon Haywood — I Want’a Do Something Freaky To You
2. Kokoroko — Something’s Going On
3. Claudia Barry — Love For The Sake Of Love
4. The She Project — Summer Reprise
5. Eugene Wilde — Gotta Get You Home Tonight
6. Midnight Star — Curious
7. The S.O.S Band — High Hopes
8. Paul Hardcastle — Moonhopper
9. Stevie Wonder — I Love You Too Much
10. Cameo — Back & Forth
11. Sherrick — Just Call
12. Sharon Brown — I Specialize In Love
13. Cherrelle Feat. Alexander O’Neil — Saturday Love
14. Wish Feat. Fonda Rae — Touch Me
15. Midnight Star — Scientific Love