Body People 39 — Craig Ward & Jon Tipton

The Hart Foundation, The Legion Of Doom, The Rockers, even The Bushwackers — all dynamic duos that have nothing on these guys. Craig Ward and Jon Tipton team up for a back to back mix that'll blow your socks off. The tracklist is a Shazam lovers wet dream. This is the one!

Felix Leifur - EITT
Jacques Renault - Let Me Jaq (Tee Mango Remix)
Felix Leifur - The Tarleton Appreciation Club
Mousse T feat Peven Everett - Pleasure
Joel Holmes, Cody Currie - Blue TV Screen
Evren Furtuna - My Miracle Baby
Nick Wisdom - Good Times
Saison - One Day
Tom Ellis - For Five (Studioheist Remix)
Frits Wentink - A1
Oscar Jerome & Ben Hauke - Do You Really Remix
Melodymann - The Nile
Per QX - The Heat (Crackazat Extended Remix)
Frikardo - Clean Like That (Jeff Swiff Remix)
Detroit Swindle - The Life Behind Things
Waajeed Feat Ideeyah, DeSean Jones & Khristian Foreman - Let Your Love
Felipe Gordon - Sick Ass Chords
Kentphonik - Sunday Showers
Simbad - Soul Fever
Armando Young - Loved Ones

An hour and a half of Deep House, Soulful House and pure bangers.

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