Body People 06 — Richie Barthez

The handsome Richie Barthez puts a shift in for this weeks mix on the Body People Podcast, most likely still feeling the effects of an epic Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain. Enjoy this one guys!


Wild Reflection - Keep It Real To The Way You Feel
Meowsn' - Rumble Me
Anthony Fade - I’m Weak
Aroop Roy - This is America (Aroop Roy brukup)
Dan Shake - Magic Marcel
Lay-Far - Never Good Enough For You Feat. Stee Downes
Naux - L'amour FM
Ari Bald - 2 Be Preachin’
Mella Dee - Donny's Groove
Tech Support - Cosmo
Fouk - Elephants Yeah
Harry Wolfman - Nino
Logidy - Certified Groove
Grampa - Sound Of Music Is

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Body People 05 — Joc (A Deeper Groove)

Joc is one half of DJ/production tag team and co owner of A Deeper Groove Recordings. The boys can be heard spinning at various venues around the UK and are also one of the residents at the Vocal Booth Weekender in Spain. You can also catch them on Pressure Radio and occasionally on PornHub.

Don't Stop (Pk Vibe dub Mix) - MK Clive
Deadly Valentine (Soulwax Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg
Inversions (Original Mix) - Nicola Cruz, Uji
In The Morning Feat. Matthew Herbert (Pilooski's Smooth Not Criminal Instrumental Mix) - Smagghe & Cross
Strolling On Sunday - Dave Aju
Upset - Verner
Better Apart (Original Mix) - Round Shaped Triangles
No Dreams (Original Mix) - 4004
Swimming With Astronauts - The Meteors Project
Berg Toppur (Hidden Spheres "Rocky Top" Remix) - Felix Leifur
New Records - Danvers
Forgiveness is Bliss - Jesse Futerman, Lay-Far
Ppl LV (Tag Yourself) - Lay-Far

Body People 04 — Jamie Love

Jamie Love takes over episode 04 with his trademark sound. He never dissapoints, get this one downloaded! Subscribe to the podcast to get more mixes like this automatically downloaded to your device every week.

1. Kid Sublime - The Underground Anthem
2. Anthony Fade - Champagne Paradise
3. Ray Kandinski - I can count on you
4. Fet Et Moi - Paris is for lovers
5. Pépe - Infexion (Point Theory)
6. Aeshim ft. Alice Higgins - Try Love
7. Whitesquare - Understand
8. Bas Noir - I’m glad you came to me (Nicholas garage dub)
9. Jex Opolis - DZE (Special club mix)
10. Medlar & MSSS - Baby gone batshit
11. Slamb - No need to go
12. Iron Curtis - Romancer
13. Slamb - SOS
14. Mr Fries - Nocturnal
15. Etur Usheo - Dreamin for you

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